“…his purpose seems to be to sink his sculptures deeply into the quotidian, where its meaning rests in a Franciscan refusal to shine; it is with ostentatious modesty that he occupies space. A doorway in the rain, a park bench, or chess table under the trees, a grotto, these are the worldly analogues of his sculpture.”

“Hamrol’s work belongs to the third phase of Earthworks. First is the period of theoretical formulation and expendable works (1968-69); second is the monumental on-site phase (1969-1973); and third, now, is the high access phase. This consists of works of various sizes but with a persistent connection to leisure and play… The later works are tender, not sublime; physical, not theoretical; inventive, not grand.”

Lawrence Alloway, Introduction to catalogue, 16 Projects/4 Artists, (1977 Wright State University Art Galleries.)


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